This Sh!t Really Works!!

Last night, after having had a great day i.e. I exercised, ate healthy, and got many things done, I was on the couch reading and enjoying a fire in my comfy jammies.  I was really content.  I was hit with a huge craving to binge on the candy I got for my son for Christmas.  I even took it out of the bag, looked at it and imagined what it would taste like.  Then I got pissed.  I even exclaimed out loud.  I knew in that moment I had a choice to make.  I had the power no matter how strong the craving and no matter how much my lizard brain was screaming at me to just go ahead and “eat that yummy, satisfying oh so delicious slop”.  It did not want me to utilize the tools I had on hand to stop the train wreck that was surely to follow.  Somehow I was able to put the slop back.  I stomped my way upstairs cussing up a storm the whole time and I started to tap.  I tapped while I read my Big Why out loud.  I tapped on my food rules.  I tapped on my Big Why Not.  I just let er’ rip.  “Well, f$ck me!”  I thought.  After seven minutes of doing this, the craving diminished significantly and I was able to enjoy the rest of my evening without bingeing.  My lizard brain knows this Sh!t works and it is terrified!  It tries to convince me that this whole tapping thing, reciting my rules, reciting my Big Why and Big Why not is a colossal waste of time and takes way too much energy.  7- 10 minutes consisting of walking up the stairs, tapping and reciting rules and big whys, and some journaling VS hours, days, weeks and months of recovering from slop physically, emotionally, and spiritually?  No brainer.  I’m telling you; this Sh!t really works.

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